Fly Fishing

For over three years I have been documenting through photography and film the experience of fly fishing in the Catskills, whether that's the occasional enthusiast, the world class expert, or those who make their living from the sport. The Catskills harbors the watershed that feeds New York City, and it's rivers and fish are famous around the world. Steeped in the history of dry fly fishing in America, the area continues to draw, thrill and challenge fly fishermen of all ages and backgrounds.


Fly Fishing Film

In June 2016 I shot a short film aimed at promoting fly fishing in the area, as well as supporting the local Catskills Fly Fishing Center and Museum. The film has had 20,000 views, and was featured in Outside Magazine. Featuring luminaries such as Joan Wulff, the film combines an understanding of the history of the sport in the area with a look at how we fish now, and the underpinning philosophy of the practice. Sponsored by The Catskill Brewery.